How to pronounce Portuguese numbers

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 Let's imagine situations when we use numbers...

When we watching the number of calories in our food, checking our weight, reading a book, want to know the time, buy or sell anything, finding an address, catching the bus, reading the newspapers, finding which floor, checking timetables, looking at our mobile phone...Many opportunities to practise, right? So, Let's go

So this is how to pronounce Portuguese numbers:
0 - Zero [zeh-ro]
1 - Um [oon] / uma [oo-mah]
2 - Dois [doh-eesh] / duas [doo-ash]
3 - Três [treh-sh]
4 - Quatro [kwa-troo]
5 - Cinco [sin-koo]
6 - Seis [say-eesh]
7 - Sete [set]
8 - Oito [oy-too]
9 - Nove [noh-vee]
10 - Dez [desh]

The more you practise, the better you know how to pronounce Portuguese numbers.
When ready, go to the next stage.

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