How to use Tu or Você in Portuguese?

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Tu is "you" and it is very informal, and can be used only when talking to one person. Tu is only used between friends, relatives, people of the same age and social standing, when addressing children, or in situations where a certain level of comfort has been established. Tu is conjugated with the second person singular conjugation, for exemple: tu falas, tu comes, tu abres
Você is a little more formal, but not formal enough to address either someone you have never met before or a superior, in which case you should use o senhor or a senhora. It can be used only when you are talking to one person. It uses the third person singular conjugation, so, we use the same form of the verb as with "he" or "she" , for exemple: ele fala/você fala, ele come/ você come.

O senhor and a senhora, this is the formal version of "you" (one person), and is used when you don't know someone, or towards someone you should show respect to, for example, a boss or a teacher. O senhor is used when talking to a male, and a senhora when talking to a female. Like você, it uses the third person singular conjugation.
“To help you understand why, imagine that you are in court addressing the judge, and you call him ‘Your Honour’: ‘Does Your Honour require further information?’ As you can see, you have used the third person singular for the verb, but what you really meant was ‘you’. This is similar to the way that você and o senhor/a senhora work in Portuguese.”- Portuguese- Essencial grammar

Vocês, it used when talking to a group of people and it is informal. It uses the third person plural conjugation, for exemple, eles falam/ vocês falam.

Os senhores and as senhoras both forms are the plural forms of o senhor and a senhora, respectively. We use them in the same situations as with o senhor and a senhora - but when we are talking to more than one person. In a goup, we use os senhores and we use the third person plural conjugation, for exemple: os senhores falam/ eles falam.


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